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Monday, 18 February 2013

港•贺岁片-《西游记大结局之仙履奇缘》(1995年)/Hong Kong Chinese New Year Film-A Chinese Odyssey 2 (1995)





I believe lots of cinema viewers whom grew up in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore will remember the era where Stephen Chow's films is a staple during the Chinese New Year. That was during 1991 to 1997. 

From the stage of his films that does not requires much thinking to A Chinese Odyssey Part I and II, we witnessed the desire for an entertainer to improve himself. Hence, we see the more serious stuff like CJ7, which was not as popular as his Kungfu Hustle

Nevertheless, A Chinese Odyssey is considered Stephen Chow best films. His later films could not surpassed it. 

Below is the theme song A Lifeline Love for the film. It was sung by the talented  Lowell Lo.