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Monday, 26 November 2012

HK Films-Memories of Infernal Affairs

On 12th December 2002, Infernal Affairs was released in Hong Kong. 

It was said on this day onwards, Hong Kong Cinema reached to a classical level and all other films never surpassed it. 

Martin Scorsese later turned it into The Departed, which is as good as the classic. 

I had to admit it was the most tensed Hong Kong film I ever watch. How about A Simple Life? It is good but it is a Hong Kong-China production. How about Cold War? Well, it will never reach Infernal Affairs. 

10 years later, we will talk about this film on the 12th December, 2012 (12122012). 

The trailer. 

The main theme from Infernal Affairs III. Self Inflicted Hardship sung by Hacken Lee. 









Saturday, 24 November 2012

恭喜《夺命金》/Congratulations to Jonnie To's "Life Without Principle"




In the just concluded 49th Golden Horse Awards, Life Without Principle clinched the "Best Director", "Best Original Screenplay" and "Best Leading Male Actor". 

I do hope the current winning streak for Hong Kong films, will inject vitality to the depressed Hong Kong films industry. 

Congratulations to Jonnie To and Lau Ching Wan. Tonight win is the first for Lau in Taiwanese film event.

Friday, 23 November 2012

HK Affairs-Cat Plea

Photo: Hong Kong Apple Daily. 

In the light of the "Sau Mau Ping Cat Abuse" that caused the death of one cat, Disappearing Hong Kong supports the cause launched by Hong Kong Apple Daily. 

The photo reads, "Please protect us as well as stay true to conscience."

Prevent animal abuse now. 

Thank you.

News Link: http://www.thestandard.com.hk/news_detail.asp?we_cat=11&art_id=128443&sid=38261195&con_type=1&d_str=20121119&fc=10

Thursday, 22 November 2012

HK Affairs- Chai Wan Accident Afterthoughts

Latest Chai Wan Accident

Hong Kong just had an serious traffic accident  in Chai Wan, which left 3 dead and 54 injured. If not for the 2 Michelin starred The Fat Ducks chef died in this accident, international media will not picked up this news.

And that reminded me of the October trip which I encountered my share of fast driving by bus drivers.

I do remember it was the day I went to Hong Kong University to trace the footsteps of Chinese female author, Zhang Ailing. She was in Hong Kong to study during the World War II and her presence left footprints in the local literary scene. Hence, to get to the HKU campus in Po Fu Lam, bus is one of the affordable public transportation.

Hong Kong Double Decker Buses

Hong Kong double decker buses is famous for its engine power. Be it at whenever terrain, its poweress will left many tourists whom not taken double decker bus before, either feel awed or scared. I do hear about this and my trips so far have not witnessed any Initial D style driving. What do I mean by Initial D style? It refers to the Japanese manga involving Japanese adults racing illegally in their modified cars. Infernal Affairs directors, Andrew Lau and Alan Mak, directed the Hong Kong version years back.

Back to the trip. I was really amazed for the uphill trip from Central to HKU. Even though the road is a 2 lane tarmac, the driver can maneuvers the windy road with ease. The best part is that the vehicle is a 1990s Volvo OIympian Alexander 3 axles model, the regular maintenance has preserved the engine poweress. The more scary fact is the downhill route. From Po Fu Lam to Admiralty, there were at least 15 turns, some were sharp, some were gradual. My heart skipped whenever the driver executed sharp bend follow by a 10 degree descent and this happened thrice, with the last try was onto a viaduct. My position on the upper deck first row added the excitement on full view but fear prompted me to hold the safety belt tighter next!

Hong Kong seen the worst traffic accidents involving double decker buses. Some crashed at a speed of more than 140km/h, one ramped into bus stop in New Territory resulting in deaths. Is there any Laws governed bus driver's conducts? Yes, there is. But circumstances will normally lead to people run against the law. With Hong Kong being such a competitive society, plus drivers need to fulfill the Key Performance Index and meet commuters expectations, traffic accidents will be part of Hong Kong culture.

I do hope with the recent Chai Wan episode, the 3 Hong Kong bus companies will really look into the safety aspects for their operations. They can not be like Mainland Chinese companies, ignoring safety. If they do so, they are endangering Hong Kong's as a safer city as compared to other Chinese cities.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

港 •电视-无线电视《万千星辉贺台庆2012》











Monday, 19 November 2012

港• 乐-张学友的《你的名字,我的姓氏》(1996年)











Sunday, 18 November 2012

HK Affairs-MTR's Multi Language Announcements

What I like about Hong Kong's MTR is the multi languages announcement. They can do it in 3 languages, English, Cantonese and Mandarin. This reflects the city's society as a whole.  

Whereas my home country, Singapore, can not do it in 4 languages, English, Mandarin, Bahasa Melayu and Tamil. 

Hence, if you have the chance to visit the city, be amazed on their subway systems and the policy in running the trains. Even this minute detail, train announcements, reflect careful planning. 

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Thank You Hungary and Peru

Thank you to my readers from Hungary and Peru. 

I hope you will like my blog. 

Hong Kong Affairs-"So Long My Hong Kong" by Gregory Kane

Video Screenshot

I loved old things of Hong Kong. Music, food, culture etc.

So, when hkmagazine  shared this video link by this Caucasian, Gregory Kane, whom posted a video as a parting letter to the city that he lived for the past six years, I was enthralled by it.

It does have the feel of Wong Kar Wai and Woody Allen. And that video makes Hong Kong so special and dear to me, if Hong Kong really lose its remaining identity and culture.

Looks threatening? Yes, to the pessimists.

To me, I am still optimistic.

Okay, I sidetracked a bit.

Enjoy this video and the remaining Saturday. As I will be attending a wedding, I will be touching on a wedding song sung during the 1990s. It is not Cantonese, but the feel will reminds people the heyday of Cantopop era.

Friday, 16 November 2012






作曲: 立川俊之
編曲: 方樹樑
填詞: 李克勤

* 命運就算顛沛流離
別流淚 心酸 更不應捨棄
我願能 一生永遠陪伴你 *
Repeat *

# 一生之中兜兜轉轉 那會看清楚
在某年 那幼小的我
像紅日之火 燃點真的我
結伴行 千山也定能踏過
讓晚風 輕輕吹過
讓晚星 輕輕閃過
閃出你每個希冀如浪花 快要沾濕我 #
Repeat * #
Repeat * five times

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

HK Films-Floating City (2012)

I believe that not many will take note of Aaron Kwok earlier film, Floating City. Many are looking at the Hong Kong societal thriller Cold War, which the superstar has participation in.

In brief, Floating City look at the life of rags to riches fisherman's son turned mogul, Bo Wah Chuen. It also depicted the Hong Kong society during the turbulent years of 1945-1970s. As recent Hong Kongers are looking at the good old British colony era years, the director's attempt to seek an answer at Hong Kong's past as her people struggled to find the identity. 

Here I present to you the Hong Kong trailer for this movie. Enjoy.









紅日西斜 霓虹折射
懷著焦急 等這赴約者

期待的人 迷人的夜
明月一彎 從霧中照射

抱擁所愛 令世間頓成仙境

人盡癡情 誰能安靜
期望此生 一醉莫再醒

來吧 激情 毋負生命
放聲高歌 長夜不要盡



Tuesday, 13 November 2012

HK Affairs-Giddens Ko Vs Apple Company

Good Hong Kong Business Values is disappearing. I will talk more on this tonight.

News in Brief
Taiwan's author, Giddens Ko (You Are The Apple of My Eye), frustrated over Apple Company's rejected his official apps application over the last 2 years,while allowing pirated apps to thrive. On his recent trip to Hong Kong, Giddens went over to Apple's heaquarters in Causeway Bay to protest. He had to ask his assistant to take video recordings to prove his compliant is legal and in peaceful means.

However, things got tensed and Giddens Ko was called an "Idiot" by Apple Staff. And  local Police was called in to maintain the security. After watching the clips, Hong Kong Police determined that the recordings is legal and they escorted Giddens and his assistant out of the building.

Giddens expressed to the local media that if he as a popular author, was  rejected by Apple, the lesser known authors will not enjoy the rights that they deserved on Apple platform. He will not disclose the recordings as Apple is reviewing his case.

The original news link from Hong Kong.


Photos: Hong Kong Apple Daily (Next Media) and nbweekly.com

Monday, 12 November 2012

HK People, HK Affairs-Ching Cheong

As Singapore Writers Festival 2012 closed yesterday, I am glad to attend two of The Straits Times columnist, Ching Cheong's session at the event itself.

I read his articles on China since the year 2000. To me, he is the one that provides me the insight of what's happening in China for a period of five years. And then, one fine day, his writings was no longer to be seen.

Then, came the news of his arrest. But it was only one year after his actual imprisonment without trial .

Hong Kong society knew of his situation and amassed their resources to secure his release.

Listened to a man whom went to jail, talked about his tribulations, and eventually, he conquered his hatred and channeled his energy to do positive things. All these for his profound love for China.

Ching's articles provided me the insight of China as well as the relations between Hong Kong and China. My world view changed as I have been reading the information provided by Lianhe Zaobao. I can say, Ching's articles play a huge part of it.

If you are like me, whom like stories of patriots went to jail for the stuff that they wrote, later found Faith and came back as a reborn Man, this book, My 1,000 Days Ordeal-A Patriot's Torture is for you.

I do hope to meet the author in person, in the city that I love, Hong Kong.

Have a great week ahead.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

HK Video-Gallants MV

Watching the below video will always remind me of the special screening I attended for this film. 

It was a special moment for Singapore movie goers as the film Gallants was premiered locally in Cantonese language. Singapore government does not allow Hong Kong films to be aired in its native language. Hence, you can imagine the ecstatic me beaming with delight when the movie characters speak in Cantonese!

I will discuss this movie in later entries as I am working on the "Hong Kong Trilogy" now. 

The below MV was sung by MC Jin (歐陽靖)  and Johnny Ip(葉振棠).


Credits: Yahoo! Hong Kong and Focus Films. 

HK Viral Video-Gangnam Hong Kong TVB Style Redux

Although I had mentioned the above video before at this link: http://disappearinghkg.blogspot.sg/2012/10/hk-people-hk-affairs-hong-kong-styleaka.html, the video quality is not to my standard. 

It was till I discovered this 720p video, I decided to feature it again. 

Some may find it not so creative as there are so many parodies around. But to see my favourite Hong Kong stars to do this video in the whole old fashioned way (fast, cheap and comedic), it is all in a pure good fun. 

Hence, I present to you "Gangnam Hong Kong Style aka TVB Style". 

Enjoy your remaining weekend. 

Saturday, 10 November 2012

HK People, HK Affairs-Lung Mei Beach

Photo Source: Hong Kong Apple Daily

The above photo from Hong Kong Apple Daily shows 800 local students form a dolphin shape, to profess their love for the Long Mei Beach.

What happened now is that for the past week, Hong Kongers group together to have their voices known to the local authorities, to halt the reclamation of the beach. The Government of Hong Kong has approved a project in the year 2000, to turn the natural beach, home of the mangrove forest and species, to an artificial beach. It will be Hong Kong's second reclaimed beach. Works was scheduled for completion by the year 2015.

To me, it was a photo that moved me. The students, the backbone of Hong Kong future society, loved their city so much, decided to do something to make their home a better place. No one, other than them, seems legitimate to make their voice heard to the governing adults.

Even if they failed their bid, people will still remember what they have done.

There is still hope for Hong Kong's future. 

Link for "Save Lung Mei Beach Movement": http://www.hkwildlife.net/lungmei/









Friday, 9 November 2012

港•剧-(2012年预告)《大太监》/HK Drama-(First Look) The Confidant



First Look-The Confidant is TVB latest offering to celebrate 45th Anniversary. As China is still obsessed with Qing Dynasty shows, this drama seems to fit the taste of Mainland Chinese viewers. 

Is it nice? I will have to catch it and comment on it.

Here's the promotion video for the drama.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

港人•港事-如果刘德华做香港特首?/ HK People, HK Affairs-What if Andy Lau Becomes Hong Kong Chief Executive?

Andy Lau as Chief Executive for Hong Kong in Golden Chicken 2





As I watched USA President-elect Obama's victory speech on TV, a certain image flashed my mind.

That is Andy Lau's cameo in Samson Chiu's Golden Chicken 2 (2003). In that film (year AD 2046) , Lau had served 8 terms as a Chief Executive. He mentioned that Hong Kong has a huge treasury, its funds can offer the exchange rate of 1HKD to 7.80USD, its citizens can enjoy free medical and living benefits, as the city has 0% unemployment rate.

It seems exaggerating but if we put it into today's context, many Hong Kongers will welcome Andy Lau to contest for the Chief Executive Office. Hong Kong needs someone like him to unite its people.

"Chief Executive Lau", Hong Kong wait for you.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

HK(Canto) Pop-Leslie Cheung's Eventually Lucky (1984)

1984 TVB Drama The Duke of Mount Deer. Clockwise from front: Sandra Ng, Kiki Sheung, Carina Lau, Tony Leung, Teresa Mo in fore front

Everytime, I hear this song, I will be filled with mixed memories.

Leslie Cheung's Eventually Lucky was the theme song of 1984 TVB drama The Duke of Mount Deer. Adapted from Louis Cha's same titled novel, the music was written by Joseph Koo, lyrics by James Wong and sung by the late Leslie Cheung.

In the 1980s, memories of my Hong Kong TV themes consisted of the dyamic duo, Joseph Koo+ James Wong. They are a highly productive duo, producing many catchy TV drama theme songs, which are classics by today standard.

With Cheung passed away in 2003, James departed in 2004, Chinese audiences could not get the same level of entertainment as if before.

If he is still around, it will be a memorable sight to see him on stage singing this song.

It is not possible anymore.










在情在理 他心我心 不必爭論也懶問

為人為我 不必區分 一切事幹 開心要緊

順緣順意 嘻哈半生 歡欣自會接近

自然入世 自己有自信 終此生 始終都有鴻運

像風也像片雲 樂得笑面對人

任上天引導我行 隨緣覓夢歡笑真

合情合理 開心稱心 一心想做快活人

未愁未怨 實在有自信 終此生始終都會行運

Tuesday, 6 November 2012






无疑的是,无线电视剧看久了,观众是要新鲜的。香港观众无需如文章提到的,“30%观众罢看电视”,来一场“起义”。他们反而希望有象台湾那样的讽刺时事的节目,比如三年前亚视的《 香港乱讲》。如果,有媒体人会制作出讽刺时事,却不伤大雅的节目,香港的观众会对该电视台的管理层,双手合十,念“功德无量”矣。


Sunday, 4 November 2012

HK Food-Friends Dessert

Friends Desserts Mongkok Branch

I never resist desserts. Be it in Singapore or in Hong Kong, even if I had medicore dinner, once desserts come in my line of sight, I will attack it as usual.

Hong Kong Media Reviews

I do know about this Friends Dessert (story being 5 men being passionate about desserts, get together to sell it) as the food programs aired by TVB Jade Singapore will feature them. As I am frequented Hui Lao Shan, Tung Chiu and Yishun (not the Singapore Yishun) Double boiled milk alot, I decided to give this a try.

Options to choose from

The outlet I went is near Langham Place in Mongkok. As I look at the menu, there are so many choices for me. I wanted to order their egg puddings but it came in a set of 6s or dozen. Hence, I decided to try their Ultimate Stuff, Um Dai Tung Tang.

The Heavenly Kings

The Creme Bruele tasted fine with no burnt caramel, the ice-cream reminded me of Gelato, Apple Crumble is to my liking and the "Melting Heart" really melts my heart. With the hot chocolate sauce oozing, with the combination of the other four, it did not overwhelmed my palate. Ladies will unable to resist it.

Who can't resist it? Right?

As I happily foot the bill (HKD96, no taxes), I am thinking, "Will you disappear when I come to Hong Kong the next time round?" 

Friends Desserts
Location: All over Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories