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Saturday, 1 December 2012

HK Food-Tak Yu Restaurant (Under Renovation)

Photo credit: Apple Daily

If you like to dine in Hong Kong old style dim sum restaurant for breakfast, I have one bad news for you.

Tak Yu, the last remaining old decor dim sum restaurant in Kowloon Peninsula area has lower the shutters. According to Hong Kong's Apple Daily, Tak Yu is undergoing renovations for 2 months.

It also mean that when the 90 year old Tak Yu reopens for business, diners will not be able to see the familiar environment.

To me, I read the news with regrets. I knew this restaurant through a Taiwanese female author (By the way, she flew to Hong Kong 30 times in 5 years. An even more hardcore Hong Kong lover)'s travel guide. Even I flew to Hong Kong so many times, I have not strut my butt to immerse in the 1920s style dim sum restaurant.

From now on, we can only remember the old Tak Yu through the following link.

What a price Hong Kong has to pay for development.