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Monday, 3 December 2012

HK People, Affairs-MTR Ad "Sorry. We Inconvenienced You"

There is something about MTR TV commercials that touched my heart. 

For the one I am introducing below, the creative team combined the images of Hong Kong for the past 30 years and the characters that were affected by the construction of the MTR lines, to highlight the "I am sorry" sentiments. It reminded me of the "human touch' factor that were seen in Japanese and Western advertisements. 

For a public transportation company and a viewer whom  have not seen Singaporean creative agency creating such touching ads on SMRT, I find it refreshing. 

I do not know if this TVC had a huge budget to play around with. But if it is done in a limited budget, the message that MTR tried to bring across is successful. 

Good job done, MTR and the creative agency. 

The following advertisement is in Cantonese and with no English subtitles.