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Welcome. Let us remember the Hong Kong of yesterday and today. 歡迎。讓我們一起記住昨日和今日的香港。
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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Hong Kong Pop- Roman Tam's "Beneath The Lion's Rock" (狮子山下)

To many local born and raised Hong Kongers, Roman Tam's Beneath The Lions Rock brought them many memories. 

ALso the theme song of the same title drama title, the lyrics belted out the resolution to live and ride out of the hardships. It is the song that represent the lower class and their will to survive, but most importantly, it is to seek unity among the many migrants and the locals, in the face of Hong Kong's landscape. 

It was never considered to be Hong Kong unofficial anthem from its release in 1976. Till 10 years ago in 2003, after recovering from the dreadful SARS, many people thought of this song and the hardships they went through. Hence, it was dubbed as the unofficial anthem of Hong Kong.

The version presented here is the 1996 version. Hai~ this late superstar has left us for a decade.