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Thursday, 11 July 2013

HK Affairs: Hong Kong In "Pacific Rim"

Photo Source:  http://pacificrim.wikia.com/wiki/Shatterdome

Just came back from the sneak preview of Pacific Rim. And oh boy, am I thrilled to see Hong Kong as a setting for "The Kaiju War". 

Basically, Hong Kong was set as the final battleground for the above mentioned war. According to the film, the War started in 2013 with Kaiju first appeared in San Francisco, laying waste to the city. 12 years later in 2025, the final stage for the "Jaegers" to defend humanity takes place in Hong Kong, where the Shatterdome, the first and the only base standing to defend the Kaiju. 

What is seen will be the futuristic Hong Kong, which part of the Kowloon Island turned into Shatterdome. Tsing Yi Bridge, Victoria Harbour and Central is featured but would be destroyed or damaged by the fighting. Also, audience will hear the announcements in base modelled after  Hong Kong MTR's trains announcements.

Let's see how Hong Kong will be the final battleground to save humanity in Pacific Rim. 

Pacific Rim Hong Kong Trailer

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