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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

HK Memories-Kai Tak Airport (1925-1998)

Photo Source: Airliners.net

Before 1998, Kai Tak Airport is associated with Hong Kong. 

Passengers, especially children were thrilled when they sat at the window seats, seeing the plane landed with close proximity of the flats located at Kowloon Tong. Pilots were tested with skills as it is the considered the sixth most challenging airport to land. 

From 1954 to 1998, she had seen the better times of Hong Kong. Kai Tak Airport stood a special place in the modern Chinese history. When Republic of China allowed the elderly folks whom served the Kuomintang troops during the "1946-1949 Civil War" to go back to People's Republic of China to see their families, Kai Tak Airport became the only transit stop. However, many of them were stranded at the airport due to logistics issues. The sight of these elderly men sleeping at the concourse while waiting for the next flight to China. 

But all these were history. The present Kai Tak was converted to a Cruise Terminal. Nothing remains. 

Henceforth, we can only rely on videos to glimpse the novelty of air travel and the good old times of Kai Tak airport.

"Goodbye Kai Tak and thank you."

Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport (1925 - 1998) 香港啟德機場