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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

港人消失篇-劉家良(1934.7.28-2013.6.25)/Disappeared Hong Kong People-Lau Kar Leung (1934.7.28-2013.6.25)





林家栋监制的 《打擂台》(2010)所呈现的风格,在程度上是向香港以昔的武术片辉煌年代致敬,而刘家良和众多的武术指导,也为了香江电影出了很多力量。这是值得肯定的。


It is sad to know that one of the prominent Hong Kong Kungfu films personality, Lau Kar Leung died of leukemia in Hong Kong. He was 78 years old. 

If you are a fan of kungfu films and familiar with Gordon Liu, please note Lau is not only the martial arts director for most of Liu's works, he is also Liu's godbrother cum disciple. 

Lau's career started as a martial arts director for Kung Fu Master from Guangdong (1963). The first film that propelled him to fame is The Jaded Bow (1966). He switched over to Shaw Brothers in 1967 and his partnership with Gordon Liu in 1978's The 36th Chamber of Shaolin made the latter and the film well received with the western audience. This happened 5 years after the tragic death of Bruce Lee which no other films can filled in the void. 

He cut down on film making during the 1980s onwards and his last appearance in film is Tsui Hark's Seven Swords. 

I believe with the launch of CEPA for Hong Kong film industry, there are very few kungfu films being produced from then on. Gordon Lam produced and Andy Lau financed Gallants (2010) is a tribute to the glorious past of Kungfu films.Lau Kar Leung's style in martial arts developed its own philosophy is part of the factor to compelled film makers to paid or to pay more tribute in future for such genre films. 

Disappearing Hong Kong wishes the late Lau rest in peace. 

刘家良成名之作:《云海玉弓缘》/ Lau's fame works-The Jaded Bow

刘家良最后演出的电影:徐克的《七剑》/His last film appearance

刘家良PK刘家辉/Gordon VS Lau on screen