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Thursday, 6 June 2013

不日介绍:港仔的巷弄秘店50+:香港老味道/ Coming Soon: The Old Taste Of Hong Kong: A Hong Kong Local's Introduction of 50+ Specialty Food Shops





I am basically salivate whenever I flip the pages of this book The Old Taste Of Hong Kong

Even though it was purchased 2 months ago and I just started reading it, the way how the author, Ng Kar Fai, introduces the 50+ food shops that he went reminds me of the same experience, I had with another book written by a Taiwanese, Local Taste in a Shoestring Budget. It  is another "verbally  titillating"  experience and I mean it in a nice manner. 

We will never know when will the next Hong Kong food shop to roll down its shutters due to the increasing rent. Such books like these document the tales of a food culture which is soon disappearing. 

And I am filled with anticipation to write the book review. 

Stay tuned. 

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