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Monday, 2 December 2013

Singapore-Hong Kong Comparison-Food Review: Shirokiya Singapore

Photo source: Shirokiya Singapore Facebook Page

As we all know, though Singapore and Hong Kong share the similarities, there are differences between these 2 cities. 

From December onwards, I will roll out a new segment, entitled "Singapore-Hong Kong Comparison". It can be food, lifestyle, living and entertainment. 

First to roll out, it will be food review of Shirokiya. The Izakaya Bar style restaurant is the first to bring in the concept of healthy eating into Singapore, which can't be found in Hong Kong. 

How is it? Please read to find out. 

To many Singaporeans, Japanese cuisine is equivalent to a few things. Salmon, Sushi, Tempura, Takoyaki, Tenpanyaki etc etc.

The fried, the raw and sake. Sounds like The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Okay, pun not intended.

And we have a fair share of Japanese chain of restaurants run by locals, which brings Japanese food affordable to the masses. But what about healthy eating?

"Nani?", will be the answer from many local Singaporeans. Can Japanese food be equivalent to healthy living? The answer is yes. And it lies with Shirokiya.

Operating by Monteroza Group Japan, Shirokiya is the latest brainchild which aims to combine the lively environment that associates with izikaya bar with the philosophy of healthy living. That means, one will find not food that is too oily and not taxing with the body.

With the privilege of food sampling, the following are presented and recommended for foodies whom want to have a hearty meal.

Kirin Beer smoothie- Always find Japanese beer that is too dry for my liking, this smoothie really changes my perception on beer coming from Land of the Rising Sun. To attain the top broth which taste as smooth as silk, the beer had to be froze under 5 degrees Celsius. Once the beer is tapped, it will come out the froth that looks like Hokkaido soft ice-cream. The after taste of the beer is smooth, unlike the dryness that is associated with my memory. This drink sure changes my perception of Japanese and I place this with the smoothing Tasmanian Beer from Australia. For those whom do not like Japanese beer, you may want to try this gem.
Verdict: 4.5/5

Shiokouji Sushi- This is another of my favourite. Meaning Sea Rice Malt, the ingredient brings out the taste of the sashimi, like the non Japanese favoured Salmon, to the next level. Neither is not too powering, it follows the Japanese philosophy of balance. Not to mention, it will whet up my appetite to go for the next dish.
Verdict: 4/5

Yuba- For Singapore locals, Yuba or toufu, bean curd is a familiar staple in local cuisine as it is presented in sweet presentation of tau huay, or salted version like Ageshi Toufu in Japanese restaurants. To see this beancurd provided by Mr Bean, to be cooked under heat and scooped by myself is an interesting experience. It will make one treasure the food even more and will not want to waste it. This will teach future generation to treat food in the better way.
As this dish is using local beans as the source, it will taste better when the yuba is produced with Japanese beans.
Verdict: 3.5/5

Nanbe Hotpot- Had tried so many styles of hotpot, none of them taste so delicate and balanced like the Nanbe style. To me, Hotpot is always associated with abundance. Abundance of meat, vegetables and many food, the stock at the end of the session is always salty. Using the protein from the Chicken's head, the wobbly collagen is slowly melted with chicken stock, combining with the vegetables, chicken thigh and prawns, the balanced stock has surely melts my heart with every sip I took. The taste started with the rich collagen, followed by the fine aftertaste of the rest of the ingredients. Coupled with the Mannen Yuki or the Kirin Beer Smoothie, the hotpot soup tasted like the stock from Heaven. It is recommended for the Northeast Monsoon season.
Verdict: 4.5/5

In short, Shirokiya's attempt to instil the Japanese way of healthy eating has been successful for me. It will fit in the bill of health obsessed Singaporeans and also for those whom want to have a different style of Japanese cuisine, away from the usual raw and fried dishes. Hope the restaurant will continue to amaze the local food culture with their revolutionary dishes.

Shirokiya Singapore
43 & 43A Cuppage Road, Cuppage Terrace, Singapore, Singapore 229463