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Thursday, 18 April 2013

港人•港乐-陈僖仪(1987-2013)/Hong Kong People, Hong Kong Pop-Sita Chan (1987-2013)







Hong Kong Cantopop singer, Sita Chan, died of traffic accident in Hong Kong. She was 26 years old. 

Chan started to sing from her junior high school days, performing in shopping malls and wedding dinners. She started to release 2 albums in 2012, becoming the first Hong Kong pop star to release 2 albums in recent years. 

Her death reminds Hong Kong that Heaven loves to play a huge joke on music fans. A decade ago, Leslie Cheung left us in an unexpected manner. Now, it is Chan's turn.

Rest In Peace, Sita Chan. 

Sita Chan
-Born in 1986
-Joined first singing competition in 2005
-Debut in Hong Kong Cantopop in 2011
-Released first debut album in 2012
-Died in traffic accident on 17th April 2013