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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Hong Kong Films Awards-Lo Hoi Pang's Awesome Speech

Photo Credit: Hong Kong Apple Daily, Hong Kong TVB 

As the dust of "The 32nd Hong Kong Films Awards" settled, what makes me think awesome is none other than Lo Hoi Pang. 

Hong Kong veteran actor Lo never fails to amaze me. During the 2008-2009 period, his madcap performance in Asia TV's  Hong Kong Gossip made me laugh with gasping for breath. 

This time round, when he was invited to present the "Best Visual Award" and "Best Sound Effects Award", he came out with this Kam Kui (Golden Words in literally, it means awesome speech):

Lo Hoi Pang gets an award, my wish is fulfilled.
Lo Hoi Pang presents an award, my fortune is shared by all for a lifetime!
Lo Hoi Pang test a mike,
If it is good, there will be nomination!
If it is no good, I will find trouble! (Actual content is vulgarity in Cantonese language)

Lo currently is an actor with Hong Kong TV.