Welcome/ 歡迎。

Welcome. Let us remember the Hong Kong of yesterday and today. 歡迎。讓我們一起記住昨日和今日的香港。
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Saturday, 20 April 2013

港•食-浅谈蛋挞与奶茶/ HK Food-Simple Talk of Milk Tea and Egg Tart






As the weekend is near, I always want to relax by drinking milk tea and have an egg tart.

Can't wait for July to come for me to sample my favourite comfort food. 

All may not know in Singapore, the food culture of Hong Kong cha chaan teng started to bloom from 2006 onwards. It becomes my habit to have these 2 items once per month. The taste of milk tea is further enhanced when I patronised Lam Fung Yuen in Central, Hong Kong. 

If you ask me, what represents Hong Kong? I will recommend milk tea and egg tarts.