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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

港•电视-《走过浮华大地》(无线/2013年)/ HK TV-Pilgrimage of Wealth (TVB/2013)

Photo credit: Hong Kong TVB

Stark difference from Pilgrimage of Hope (走過烽火大地), Hong Kong TVB has just concluded the run of their another high quality infotainment TV programme, Pilgrimage of Wealth (走過浮華大地).

I had not seen the full 10 episodes yet. But gauging from the 2 youtube videos, it looks surprising fun.

Based on the information on wikipedia, the programme brings viewers a view of 2 European cities, London and France, in a classy style.

I always find TVB produces better infotainment programme than its signature dramas. Maybe it is the environment that the creative team has the full control of what they can produce. Or it can be this programme is targeted to the affluent class.

Nevertheless, Pilgrimage of Wealth is set to be one of my favourite TV programme.





Official link of the programme: