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Saturday, 18 May 2013

HK Pop Classics Station- Leslie Cheung's Refusal To Play (1987)

The 1980s music is the start of the electronic and dance music was gaining popularity. In terms of Leslie Cheung, there are 3 songs from the era seems to fit for disco. In my opinion, they are Refusal To Play, Monica and Sleepless Mood

The Cantonese cover for Anzen Chitai's Juretai, Refusal To Play sang about a man whom used to play in disco era, decided to ditch his old ways and be true to himself. The lyrics which has a almost sexually explicit style, told how the same man  rejecting the advances of a female companion whom is looking for one night stand. 

This song reflected Hong Kong as a city which embracing Western culture, tried ways to reject what was considered as a taboo in the whimsical 1980s. Due to its almost sexually explicit  content, matching with Leslie Cheung's gentlemanly voice, Refusal To Play was rumoured not to be given any air space to play. 

Ah~~~ Does anybody miss the 1980s Cantopop and Leslie Cheung?