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Welcome. Let us remember the Hong Kong of yesterday and today. 歡迎。讓我們一起記住昨日和今日的香港。
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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

HK People, HK Affairs-Duckie Sleeping?

Photos Credit: Hong Kong Apple Daily and Harbour City

It is a hilarious sight. 

Even as The Duck had to be deflated for maintenance checks, it does not deter tourists to continue to snap photos with it. 

As thousands thronged to Harbour City to see The Duck, it became a hot topic among the society itself and sparked the debate of "Does local community have the artistic DNA to appreciate public art?".

Putting debate aside, The Duck has become one of the most popular artistic art to be adored by locals and tourists. 

Meanwhile, I have to sleep as it is almost half past midnight in Singapore. 

Sleepy Time.