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Friday, 10 May 2013

Hong Kong Classic Pop Music Station-Teresa Teng's Night of Hong Kong (1978)

Album Cover of Romance of Hong Kong

Everybody associate the late Teresa Teng with Taiwan and her classical songs, like The Moon Represents My Heart. But fewer people know about her affinity with Hong Kong. 

In 1970s, Teng focus her pop career in communities with huge Chinese presence. But she never set foot to People's Republic of China due to the politics. Hence, Hong Kong, still a British colony, part of geographical China, became the closest point. She bought her home at Stanley, which became her love nest with her French beau. And not to forget that the pro PRC Jackie Chan used to date her. That said much about the affinity of Teng and Hong Kong. 

The title of the song I am going to introduce to the Western readers is Night of Hong Kong. A 1978 album released by Polydor, arm of Polygram Music, under the album titled Romance of Hong Kong, was done in a style that was different from songs that sing about Hong Kong. 

Before this song was published, western listeners would be familiar with Kowloon, Hong Kong by The Reynettes. In 1976, Roman Tam sang the Hong Kong Anthemn, Under The Lions Rock. Songs that were produced by Cantonese musicians in Hong Kong, retained the Cantonese folk songs tune. 

What makes Night of Hong Kong different is that the Japanese style of music injected the romantism into pop songs. From the arrangements of violins and background voices, we can hear the Japanese style of music that describe Hong Kong and their music vision what China is like.

As we remember the 18th death anniversary of the late diva, I present you the only MTV of this song. This was produced in 1978 by Hong Kong's TVB. I tried not to translate the lyrics to English as it would spoil the elegance of Chinese lyrics. 

Enjoy the music.