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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Coming Soon- "Golden Chicken 2" And Hong Kong A Decade Ago

Golden Chicken 2 Poster circa 2003

Photo Credit: Rakuten.com

After looking at the introduction of an artistic exhibition featuring Hong Kong from a decade till now , I felt compelled to write an article about Golden Chicken 2

Why? Golden Chicken 2 as part of "Hong Kong Trilogy" (Films under this are: Golden Chicken, Golden Chicken 2 and Mr Chicken, sorry, it is Mr Cinema) directed by Samson Chiu, was released at the end of 2003 as The Pearl of The Orient (Not Phillippines, thank you everybody) witnessed the bad time of Hong Kongers. 

A decade later, as we looked back and looking forward, this film is certainly one of the representation of Hong Kong Cinema looking inward into the Hong Kong Values. 

Before that, let's look at the trailer.