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Saturday, 10 November 2012

HK People, HK Affairs-Lung Mei Beach

Photo Source: Hong Kong Apple Daily

The above photo from Hong Kong Apple Daily shows 800 local students form a dolphin shape, to profess their love for the Long Mei Beach.

What happened now is that for the past week, Hong Kongers group together to have their voices known to the local authorities, to halt the reclamation of the beach. The Government of Hong Kong has approved a project in the year 2000, to turn the natural beach, home of the mangrove forest and species, to an artificial beach. It will be Hong Kong's second reclaimed beach. Works was scheduled for completion by the year 2015.

To me, it was a photo that moved me. The students, the backbone of Hong Kong future society, loved their city so much, decided to do something to make their home a better place. No one, other than them, seems legitimate to make their voice heard to the governing adults.

Even if they failed their bid, people will still remember what they have done.

There is still hope for Hong Kong's future. 

Link for "Save Lung Mei Beach Movement": http://www.hkwildlife.net/lungmei/