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Sunday, 4 November 2012

HK Food-Friends Dessert

Friends Desserts Mongkok Branch

I never resist desserts. Be it in Singapore or in Hong Kong, even if I had medicore dinner, once desserts come in my line of sight, I will attack it as usual.

Hong Kong Media Reviews

I do know about this Friends Dessert (story being 5 men being passionate about desserts, get together to sell it) as the food programs aired by TVB Jade Singapore will feature them. As I am frequented Hui Lao Shan, Tung Chiu and Yishun (not the Singapore Yishun) Double boiled milk alot, I decided to give this a try.

Options to choose from

The outlet I went is near Langham Place in Mongkok. As I look at the menu, there are so many choices for me. I wanted to order their egg puddings but it came in a set of 6s or dozen. Hence, I decided to try their Ultimate Stuff, Um Dai Tung Tang.

The Heavenly Kings

The Creme Bruele tasted fine with no burnt caramel, the ice-cream reminded me of Gelato, Apple Crumble is to my liking and the "Melting Heart" really melts my heart. With the hot chocolate sauce oozing, with the combination of the other four, it did not overwhelmed my palate. Ladies will unable to resist it.

Who can't resist it? Right?

As I happily foot the bill (HKD96, no taxes), I am thinking, "Will you disappear when I come to Hong Kong the next time round?" 

Friends Desserts
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