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Monday, 12 November 2012

HK People, HK Affairs-Ching Cheong

As Singapore Writers Festival 2012 closed yesterday, I am glad to attend two of The Straits Times columnist, Ching Cheong's session at the event itself.

I read his articles on China since the year 2000. To me, he is the one that provides me the insight of what's happening in China for a period of five years. And then, one fine day, his writings was no longer to be seen.

Then, came the news of his arrest. But it was only one year after his actual imprisonment without trial .

Hong Kong society knew of his situation and amassed their resources to secure his release.

Listened to a man whom went to jail, talked about his tribulations, and eventually, he conquered his hatred and channeled his energy to do positive things. All these for his profound love for China.

Ching's articles provided me the insight of China as well as the relations between Hong Kong and China. My world view changed as I have been reading the information provided by Lianhe Zaobao. I can say, Ching's articles play a huge part of it.

If you are like me, whom like stories of patriots went to jail for the stuff that they wrote, later found Faith and came back as a reborn Man, this book, My 1,000 Days Ordeal-A Patriot's Torture is for you.

I do hope to meet the author in person, in the city that I love, Hong Kong.

Have a great week ahead.