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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

HK(Canto) Pop-Leslie Cheung's Eventually Lucky (1984)

1984 TVB Drama The Duke of Mount Deer. Clockwise from front: Sandra Ng, Kiki Sheung, Carina Lau, Tony Leung, Teresa Mo in fore front

Everytime, I hear this song, I will be filled with mixed memories.

Leslie Cheung's Eventually Lucky was the theme song of 1984 TVB drama The Duke of Mount Deer. Adapted from Louis Cha's same titled novel, the music was written by Joseph Koo, lyrics by James Wong and sung by the late Leslie Cheung.

In the 1980s, memories of my Hong Kong TV themes consisted of the dyamic duo, Joseph Koo+ James Wong. They are a highly productive duo, producing many catchy TV drama theme songs, which are classics by today standard.

With Cheung passed away in 2003, James departed in 2004, Chinese audiences could not get the same level of entertainment as if before.

If he is still around, it will be a memorable sight to see him on stage singing this song.

It is not possible anymore.