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Saturday, 3 November 2012

HK Advertisement-Mannings Cat

Manning Cat Poster
As Saturday is here, I will touch on a lighter topic. And that is the adorable 'Mannings Cat'. 

This advertisement talks about a cat set off on a perilous journey for a herb to heal the master's health. But the herb withers when the cat finally finds it. Dejectedly, the cat  goes back to Hong Kong, buys medicine from Mannings (known in Singapore as Guardian), only to have a greater shock. 

The advertisement was ran on the campaign from end 2011 to early 2012. Screened on two parters, it created a lot of buzz from online and offline in Hong Kong. The general sentiments is the advertisement showcased creativity and its high production value was treasured by audience. 

More was revealed that the kitty was a tomcat named "Didi" and a pretty actress "Mimi" was behind the human sized cat costume. 

It was one of the good advertisement produced by Hong Kong advertising scene. I do hope Hong Kong continue to produce quality TV advertisements.

Oh, I just like the way how the cat teared. 

Enjoy your Saturday.