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Thursday, 8 November 2012

港人•港事-如果刘德华做香港特首?/ HK People, HK Affairs-What if Andy Lau Becomes Hong Kong Chief Executive?

Andy Lau as Chief Executive for Hong Kong in Golden Chicken 2





As I watched USA President-elect Obama's victory speech on TV, a certain image flashed my mind.

That is Andy Lau's cameo in Samson Chiu's Golden Chicken 2 (2003). In that film (year AD 2046) , Lau had served 8 terms as a Chief Executive. He mentioned that Hong Kong has a huge treasury, its funds can offer the exchange rate of 1HKD to 7.80USD, its citizens can enjoy free medical and living benefits, as the city has 0% unemployment rate.

It seems exaggerating but if we put it into today's context, many Hong Kongers will welcome Andy Lau to contest for the Chief Executive Office. Hong Kong needs someone like him to unite its people.

"Chief Executive Lau", Hong Kong wait for you.