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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

HK Affairs-Giddens Ko Vs Apple Company

Good Hong Kong Business Values is disappearing. I will talk more on this tonight.

News in Brief
Taiwan's author, Giddens Ko (You Are The Apple of My Eye), frustrated over Apple Company's rejected his official apps application over the last 2 years,while allowing pirated apps to thrive. On his recent trip to Hong Kong, Giddens went over to Apple's heaquarters in Causeway Bay to protest. He had to ask his assistant to take video recordings to prove his compliant is legal and in peaceful means.

However, things got tensed and Giddens Ko was called an "Idiot" by Apple Staff. And  local Police was called in to maintain the security. After watching the clips, Hong Kong Police determined that the recordings is legal and they escorted Giddens and his assistant out of the building.

Giddens expressed to the local media that if he as a popular author, was  rejected by Apple, the lesser known authors will not enjoy the rights that they deserved on Apple platform. He will not disclose the recordings as Apple is reviewing his case.

The original news link from Hong Kong.


Photos: Hong Kong Apple Daily (Next Media) and nbweekly.com