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Sunday, 14 October 2012

消失中的港人篇-司徒锦源(1964-2012)/HK "Disappeared" People-Szeto Kam Yuen (1964-2012)






Hong Kong renowned drama and films playwright, Szeto Kam Yuen passed away on Hong Kong yesterday. He was 48.

Szeto's career started off in Hong Kong TVB in 1984, wrote screenplays like Police Cadet (1984), File of Justice Season I & II (1992,1993). The most classical of all dramas is the At The Threshold of An Era I & II (1999-2000). The property developer, Hui Mun Piew, was the most controversial and talked about character online when the drama was aired over Chinese sphere countries.

His last screenplay is Motorway (2012), a film that featured Anthony Wong and Shawn Yue.