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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

港•影-《无间道》日剧版:Double Face/ HK Film-"Infernal Affairs" Japanese Drama Version: Double Face


香港经典电影《无间道》第3度被外国人翻拍,这次是日本两家电视台WOWOW和TBS 联合摄制的《Double Face》,刚刚在本月27号于日文播映完毕。



Hong Kong Classic film Infernal Affairs had a third remake.

This time, 2 Japanese TV stations, WOWOW and TBS remade the 2002 classic hit into a drama, titled Double Face. It just ended its run in Japan on 27th October.

As I have not seen the drama yet, no review is published at this time. I will update this space once I accessed the drama. 

Also, this December is the 10th Anniversary of Infernal Affairs