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Thursday, 25 October 2012

HK Films-Love In The Buff

If you have not catch any good romantic Hong Kong films, besides "blaming" Hong Kong-China CEPA for not allowing Hong Kong to have so many genres movies, the other reason is there are not many talented directors left. 

If there is one director's works to recommend, I will say is Pang Ho Cheung (2005 AV)'s latest offering, Love In The Buff. 

Continuing the last installment Love In The Puff (2010),  Jimmy (Shawn Yue) and Cherie (Miriam Yeung) got together. Half a year later, the differences for the two of them is shown and resulting them to split. Jimmy goes to Beijing to work in the advertising firm whereas Cherie  follow later as her company decided to close shop in Hong Kong. Cherie never expected to meet Jimmy in Beijing but they did. Their love rekindled in this ancient city, not without choices have to be made. 

Pang's Love uses the current "north drifting" issue to voice the love tribulations that the lovers have to face. As China's economic poweress grows, many Hong Kong men have to work in China, creating social and love issues in the progress. Many Hong Kong women have to decide whether to stay behind or be with their loved ones. Those who stayed will have to endure the infidelity of their partners, if their men decided to get a lady. It is similar to what Singaporean men face when their companies decided to transfer them to China to work. 

Just like Love In The Puff, Pang cinematography adopted the French romantic style to bring out the romanticness of Beijing. The beautiful colours used in the Qing Hua University and Beijing countryside scene, let audiences be mesmerized in the illusion that there is a Paris in Beijing. It follows the same theme when movie goers was surprised that Hong Kong metro can be another Paris. I will have to say, the film scores do a great part in both installments. 

But Pang is not a director to be content with what he had. Hence, Love In The Buff is the last decent film before he directed Vulgaria (2012), a comedy to mock the behind-the-scenes of China cinema and proclaimed his love for Hong Kong talkies. 

I will end this with a film trailer and a short spoof  video as a tribute to his childhood idol, Linda Wong.