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Thursday, 25 October 2012

HK Pop-Luo Dayou's "Pearl of The Orient" (1991)

If you ask me what are the songs that talked about Hong Kong, I will normally refer Roman Tam's "Under The Lion's Rock" (1976), Beyond's "Broader Seas Under The Sky" (1991) and the following "Pearl of the Orient". 

There is a history behind this song. Mainland China and British decided to have talks with regards to Hong Kong in the 1970s. Coming to the 1980s, under the helm of the late Deng Xiaoping, China has a vision and direction to the control of Hong Kong. They will not allow the sovereignity to be compromised. Hence, the 1984 "Sino-British Joint Declaration" was signed. But it sparked a massive migration among Hong Kongers, and the 1989 June 4th Incident at Tiananmen Square did not put a stop to it. 

"Pearl of the Orient" was composed against this historical backdrop. It was first sung in Cantonese by Michael Kwan in 1986 and had 2 versions in 1991. The first was sung by Luo Dayou himself, with a tinge of sadness and the more upbeat version by many pop stars from Rock Records. 

Nevertheless, we can give our blessings to Hong Kong as we listen to the song. We hope that no matter how adverse their situation is, the people live to the best that they could. 

Picture and MTV source: CCTV, Rocks Records, TVB Hong Kong