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Monday, 22 October 2012

港•乐-甄妮的“东方之珠”(1981年)/Cantopop-Jenny Tseng's Pearl of the Orient (1981)

Jenny Tseng


Drama Still. From left: Chow Yun Fat, the late Veronica Mudd and  Ray Lui



"Pearl of the Orient" was a 1981 song by Macau born Jenny Tsang. She is the widow of the late Shaw Brothers Kungfu Star, Alexander Fu-sheng. 

Adapted as a theme song for TVB drama serial, it is so coincidental to fit into the general sentiment for normal Hong Konger now. The drama talked about mainland Chinese migrated illegally into Hong Kong, vowed to walk hard but fate seems to play a joke. 

With current adversity face by middle and lower income group, the song actually plays a part to motivate them but yet, tells the reality of 600k plus Hong Kong residents living under poverty line. 

The MV for the song is below.


極目望困惑而傍徨 可喜的是眼前繁盛現狀 
新的生活新的奮鬥 鬥志化為強勁力量 
此小島外表多風光 可哀的是有人仍住陋巷 

* 若以此小島終身作避世鄉 群力願群策東方之珠 
更亮更光 念舊日信念何頑強 幾經風暴雨狂還冒巨浪 
新的迫害新的引誘 有正有邪何處是岸 
小島中路本多康莊 可哀的是有人仍是絕望 *