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Friday, 12 October 2012

港•地-消失中的金鱼街/Disappearing 'Gold FIsh' Street


这,真的是,“OH MY GOD!!!”









I was preparing for the scheduled "Hong Kong Trilogy" segment when a Facebook status caught my attention IMMEDIATELY. 

"Goldfish Street" is fast disappearing! I never thought this unique place will be gone faster than '7 seconds'. 

Hong Kong's Ming Poh special on Goldfish Street

Nicknamed "Goldfish Street", Tung Choi Street is specialized in having shops selling goldfishes and other aquarium related goods. The hawkers shifted from their previous location at Mongkok East MTR station as they were inconvenienced by the government's rule. This was the 1970s and these shops had a home at Tung Choi Street ever since. 

30 years later, due to the rising rental costs, these shops have to make way for shops selling pharmaceuticals. It is due to the owners believe that it is more economical to rent out shops to sell these stuff, other than goldfishes. 

It is come to a point that eventually Tung Choi Street will lose its uniqueness. Imagine years down the road, travelogues will wrote "Hong Kong unique shops have converted to pharmacies as owners feel economic progress is more important than city's way of life."

My readers, do you want that?

So, if you are coming by Hong Kong these few weeks, please spend time to trot down to Tung Choi Street to take pictures of goldfishes, hanging up for sale. You may not able to see them the next time round.

Just like me. 

How to get there:
Take MTR to Prince Edward Station, come out of Exit B2.