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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

港•食-镛记酒家/HK Food-Yung Kee Restaurant

七十年的老字号,镛记酒家/Yung Kee, a 70 year old restaurant





驰名的镛记烧鹅/Yong Kee's Roast Goose Duck Rice-1 person serving


镛记内部/Yong Kee's Interior




Yung Kee Building

Yong Kee Restaurant is never on my list for eating. First, as this blog caters to document those disappearing small eateries in Hong Kong. Second, YK was accorded one star rating under the Michellin Food Guide. Its fame kept me at bay many times. 

Until the news of its second generation General Manager, Kam Kin  Shing passed away was published, and with the court case of liquidating Yung Kee Holdings pending, I decided to give it a try. 

When I visited the restaurant, it was the third day after the elder Kam passed away. Operations is as per normal. The staff morale is high. And that tells about the restaurant, nothing too major too disrupt the operations. 

Famous Yung Kee Roast Goose

The roast goose is good, the skin is crisp, meat is roasted fine but not to a level of me wanting to order takeaway for flight.

They do sell chickens too

At the end of the day, it will be sad to see this 70 year old restaurant being liquidated. All these due to dispute between the late Kam Kin Sing and Ronald Kam. Like what Ronald Kam told the media, "The lawsuit wins nothing, except the loss of kinship." 

Henceforth, Yung Kee is on the list of "Disappearing Soon Foodshops". Hurry before it is too late.

Yung Kee Restaurant
Address: 32-40, Wellington Street, Central (Opposite Tsui Hwa)