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Saturday, 27 October 2012

HK Books, Just Arrived in Singapore-Hong Kong Shutdown, I Love Hong Kong

There are four Hong Kong books just arrived in Singapore's bookstores and two caught my attention. 

I Love Hong Kong talked about Hong Kong Brands. As a metropolitan city, Hong Kong is swarmed with many overseas brand. At the same time, Hong Kongers developed a love-and-hate relationship with the society. The author, Ng Pok Lam, tried to go deeper into it, including analyzing social media to help Hong Kong bosses to promote their brands. 

Novel Hong Kong Shutdown talked about in the near future, Hong Kong faced an apocalyptic future. Its population dwindled from 7 million to a mere 25 thousand in a year. What happened during these 12 months. 

What makes it interesting is the following paragraph at the back cover. 

"What will happen to Hong Kong's future, or will Hong Kong have her future, it really depends whether do we embrace rationale, or gets defeated by fear and distrust!" 

It sure brings out the message that what Hong Kong is facing politically and socially right now. 

An interesting read to accompany this weekend. Books review soon.