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Saturday, 13 October 2012

港•影-为何香港没有好电影/Movies-Why Hong Kong No Good Movies Ah?


那些年,功夫片,黑社会片,僵尸片, 赌术片,爱情喜剧,低俗喜剧,都跑到哪里去了???





Why, why, tell me why?

Why Hong Kong no good movies ah?

Ever since Hong Kong and China collaborated in producing movies, it seems film audience to be losing out in good stuff.

It is not to say that there are no good movies but those productions unable to connect overseas Chinese audience emotionally.

The answer is clear. If one collaborates, there are genres that have to be dropped. 

Cops can not turn bad, vampires do not exist, characters must not be vulgar. 

That is why Pang Ho-cheng's Vulgaria reminds us the true Hong Kong films still exist.

Pang Ho Cheng's Vulgaria
Hai~The good old days.Once gone, never to come back.