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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

港人•港事-2006 巴士阿叔事件/HK People, HK Affairs-2006 "The Bus Uncle"

Hong Kong Bus Uncle revealed to stand in as candidate for  "Chief Executive Officer".





“巴士阿叔”在哪里? 他消失了。

Video is not suitable for work and on public transportation. Please put on headphones if you decide to watch the below video on MRT and bus, as it is laden with expletives.

"I want to commit suicide"

As I am listening to Hong Kong U Radio (U Radio) programme discussing about stress, I was reminded of "The Bus Uncle". 

6 years ago, Chan Yi Dong, known as "Bus Uncle" talked too loudly on the mobile phone, resulting the passenger behind him, tapped him gently to remind him to talk softly. What happened next, was Chan belittled the passenger for full 6 minutes, laden with expletives. A passenger took the video and shared it online. It became viral, attracted media attention which our very own Channel News Asia tried to interview him. 

Later on, it was revealed that Chan was imprisoned for years overseas and tried to get himself employed for 12 years. He was being offered employment and at the same time, his vices like seeking prostitution was revealed in media. The whole incident ended in anti climax as all talks on him stopped. 

"The Bus Uncle Incident" revealed Hong Kong as a stressful society, its media coupled with misconduct and the power of social media. As for the onset of Singapore social media issues that the Lion City is facing, it is nothing as compared to this 2006 Hong Kong incident. 

What happened to "Bus Uncle"? He disappeared without a trace.