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Friday, 26 October 2012

HK Food-No More Eatery at Canton Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui

This is where New Island Cafe used to operate

Due to increasing rent from owner, the last remaining eatery, New Island Cafe (新金島魚蛋王) at the upmarket Canton Avenue has closed. What replaced the eatery is the upscaled Puyi Optics. 

News from Apple Daily Hong Kong reported that as rent from that small shop has scaled to HKD1.8 million (SGD283,000/USD 233,000) per month, it is impossible for the eatery to carry on operations. 

As rentals along Canton Avenue soared, other eateries such as "China Kitchen" has closed. The primary reason is owners has invited branded goods to set up shop to cater the demand of rich Mainland Chinese visiting Canton Avenue. However, the recent October holiday has recorded a slump of earnings as the rich holidayed in China and South Korea. 

Author's photo of China Kitchen before it was closed

I will suggest if you have the chance to visit Hong Kong, please patronize the eateries. They represent the Hong Kong spirit and yet, became the victims of Hong Kong's 'progress'. 

Picture: Apple Daily, Hong Kong.

News Link: http://hkm.appledaily.com/detail.php?guid=18049126&category_guid=15307&category=daily