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Sunday, 21 October 2012

HK Food-Tat Cheong Bakery (World's Best Egg Tart)

Main Entrance 

The discovery of Tat Cheong Bakery located at Lyndhurst Terrace in Central was a surprise. After a heavy meal at Lan Fung Yuen, I was on my way to Man Mo Temple for my prayers. It was until not so far, I smelt something nice and saw Tat Cheong Bakery. 

Lord Chris Patten savouring Tat Cheong Egg Tarts

Opened in 1954, Tat Cheong was famous for its egg tarts. When Chris Patten, the last Governor of Hong Kong fell in love with the tarts and declared his love for it by saying "The World's Best Egg Tart", its popularity soared. And Chris Patten down to earth personality, which coincided the down to earth tarts, constructed a generation of Hong Kongers' collective memory. 

Tat Cheong Egg Tarts

When did egg tarts come into Hong Kong? There is no official saying for its origin but the tarts came in during the 1940s. It served as a competitor for the ever popular dim sums. 

But Tat Cheong and her egg tarts disappeared for a while. In 2005, Tat Cheong was forced to cease operations as the rental for the bakery shot up by 2 times. When news came out, many felt sorry for it. In Sep that year, when Tat Cheong re-opened for business, many of her old customers returned to queue. The below photo demonstrated Hong Kong's love for egg tarts. 

Re-opening of Tat Cheong in Sep 2005

How is the tart? I can say the crust is not too flaky, the fragrance of the  egg juice will linger in your mouth for a while. It is not hard to comprehend why Lord Patten is crazy of this tea time snack. For the past 58 years, the bakery chefs has put their hearts and souls in the tarts. One bite, you can feel their love.

Even as Tat Cheong is no longer an independent bakery, but as a subsidiary of Tao Heung Group, but their egg tarts and eating it has become the collective memory of two generation of Hong Kongers. 

Let's eat
Photo Credits: Man Hui Po, Epotch Times Hong Kong

Tat Cheong Bakery
35 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central
Mon-Sat: 0730-2100hrs
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