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Welcome. Let us remember the Hong Kong of yesterday and today. 歡迎。讓我們一起記住昨日和今日的香港。
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Saturday, 13 October 2012

港•人-即将消失的人情味?/People-Disappearing Spirit?

香港的红的士/Hong Kong Red Taxi. http://travel-on-a-shoe-string.blogspot.sg/2011/10/by-taxi-hongkong-disneyland.html











Hong Kong Taxis waiting at Russell Street
There are 2 events happened at my past trip that make me wonder.

I got myself a cab after arriving from the Airport Express to the hotel. Due to the recent social events that were connected with Mainland Chinese, I told myself to speak Cantonese whenever I can. So, I told the the name of the hotel to the driver in not-so-perfect Cantonese.

Later, I was driven to the wrong hotel. Expecting to be scolded by the driver, I apologised to him and point to the correct hotel address. He grumbled, called the hotel to make sure the correct address and proceed.

Upon arrival, the fare is 65 Hong Kong Dollars. I tried to pass to him, but he told me to pay him HKD50. I said, "But this is not the meter fare." He said never mind, he was willingly to charge me the fare right up to the first hotel.

His gesture warmed my heart.

 The next thing happened at the Kai Yik Bookstore. I was at their Causeway Bay branch looking for Cuson Lo's books. Flipping many of it and decided after 30minutes, I decided to bring the entire set over and said in not-so-perfect Cantonese to say I want to buy it.

Then, we had a friendly chat on other things as well. From there, it was revealed that the bookstore received some customers who were not nice. To Hong Kongers, Singaporeans are a group of courteous people.

I can say, to be able and make the effort to speak Cantonese does help to travel around in Hong Kong. English and Mandarin will distance oneself from the Hong Kongers.

And this social phenomenon is indeed worth to be take note of.